Diamond StemCell Five Technologies

Diamond StemCell Five Technologies


Diamond Stem Cell Treatment is a total skincare solution that used 5 IN 1 FUNCTION technology 
Radio Frequency (RF) + 
Electroporation + Skin Scrubber + Laser + Cryo

1. Radio Frequency
The principle of SKIN-5 provides “a deep heating effect”, which each electrode focuses on a deep part of skin unlike other radio frequency that develops heat to the surface instantly. The deep heat accrued from radio frequency loosens a ligation of solid adipose tissue and be of use to combustion. The dissolved or ignited adipose tissue will be discharged through sweat gland or urine. The emission elevates absorptivity of active components by muscle relaxation, cell vitalization and softening intercellular gap. 
2. Electroporation
Electroporation or electropermeabilization, is a molecular biology technique in which an electrical field is applied to cells in order to increase permeability of the cell membrane, allowing chemicals to be introduced into the cell. It makes temporary pores on skin surfaces and contributes to effective permeation of cosmetic solutions to dermis layer. The temporary pores close and restore to its original condition unless there is further stimulation.

3. Skin scrubber
Cleansing/ Scaling

• Effects of waste matter removal, exfoliation, skin-lightening and keratin removal 
• The scrubber, vibrates 27,000 times per second, eliminates dead keratin cells, sebum, toxic material and cosmetics residues. And consequently, the removal helps nutritive substances to permeate, and contributes to new cells creation. 
• Makes permeation of beneficial components for skin easy by ultrasonic wave. 
• The scrubber taps the skin surfaces with intermittent vibration to improve elasticity.

4. Laser 

A low output laser of 650~680nm is generally being used for treatment of obesity. When the laser irradiate to fat cells, it occurs stoma and helps to discharge water, floating fatty acid, glycerol, etc. Consequentially, size of the fat cells become smaller from the phenomenon and improves obesity. Furthermore, the low output laser not only enhances elasticity of skin but also improves ragged cellulite of thigh, abdomen, hip, etc. Additionally, prevention or improvement effect of metabolic syndrome can be expected from losing weight. A calming effect on edema by stimulating blood circulation is another advantage of the laser treatment.

The laser treatment brings synergy effect when combined with any other treatments, such as Hypertonic Pharmachological Lypolysis (HPL), Radio frequency, fat freezing lipo cryo, ultrasound, medicine treatment, etc

The laser function irradiates laser light into a skin to expect the following effects.

• Vitalization of natural cell regeneration process 
• Reproduction of collagen 
• Pigmentation improvement for freckle, blemish, etc. 
• Blood vessel improvement for acne, erythema, facial blushing, etc. 
• Elasticity improvement of fine wrinkle, pore, etc. 

5. Cryo 
The word “Cryo” is Greek and means “ice cold”. The cryo function applied the low-temperature cooling method (appr. -8℃ ~ -10℃) to expect the following effects. It is better to use the cryo function when other 4 functions are used. • Soothing effect on skin which is treated with radio frequency, laser, electroporation or a treatment for erythema and edema reduction


1.    General procedures

Step 1: Use the skin scrubber and remove keratins 
Step 2: Use the radio frequency (RF) and boost blood circulation 
Step 3: Use the electroporation (EP) and permeate a cosmetic solution for whitening, lifting or wrinkle 
Step 4: Use the laser and improve skin elasticity of face 
Step 5: Use the cryo and soothe the treated skin

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