Free Radical in Aging Skin

Free Radical in Aging Skin

Aging factors

What is Free Oxygen Radical (OH-)?

When the remained Oxygen(O₂) inside our body among inhale Oxygen is excessive activated, it cause oxidizing power (Free Oxygen Radical).

Proper amount of Free Oxygen Radical attack the virus and bacteria. But excessive Free Oxygen Radical attack body cells and also, cause deteriorate immunity and inflammation under damaging of DNA and protein.

The cause of Free Oxygen Radical: undue stress, overwork, smoking, irregular eating habits, drink, etc.

※ The cause of activating Aging-skin is excessive Free Oxygen Radical (OH-) Free Oxygen Radical irritates melanin, generates excessive melanin cause of Aging-skin (Wrinkle, freckles, etc.), damage to DNA cells, inducing peroxidation on cell membrane lipid, Destroying collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid. And it causes the Premature Aging-skin

Use Hydrogen Water to eliminate free radical



Comparision of general water and hydrogen water